risk assessment, project financing, internet revenue modelling as well as being responsible for the design, research and implementation of both strategic corporate initiatives and consumer products.  He has degrees and/or diplomas from Simon Fraser University, University of British Columbia and the British Columbia Institute of Technology.  He is also a past Board Member of a successful private school which he help found. 

‚ÄčRegardless of whether you are starting a small enterprise or pitching the next big thing, ether media can provide the advice, direction and solutions to make your idea or company grow. We can draw on years of experience as both being the business banker or, making the pitch to business bankers. We understand the entrepreneurial spirit and know the dedication that it requires to become successful. 

The Principal

The principal of the company is Gord Jessop. Gord is an accomplished and experienced business person with a career with both private and public companies. He has over 25 years of corporate and entrepreneurial success in such diversified industries as: Retail Grocery, Energy Technology, Education, Business Banking, Real Estate and e-commerce.  In addition to owning the first Thrifty Foods in the lower mainland, he has launched a series of successful start-ups and has held senior positions with, or consulted to, companies like GE Capital, London Life Mortgages as well as other large Canadian Financial Institutions. He has extensive practical experience in economic analysis, 

The Company 

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ether media and consulting inc. ("emci") is a boutique consulting company focused on start-ups and small to medium sized (SME's) enterprises. ether media can provide a diverse menu of consulting and business development strategies for your company. We apply a very hands on pragmatic approach. We "do" instead of theorize. We "achieve" instead of procrastinate. We are the extra set of hands to do what has to be done to take your idea or business to the next level.

Whether you are developing an idea, starting a business, or taking your existing enterprise to the next level, it requires analysis, planning and countless hours of hard work and determination. We respect your time, effort and the money that you have invested into your company or idea and know that whatever stage of development your company is at, growth has to be done in a cost effective manner. ether media & consulting can provide services and strategies on an "as you need" basis. In addition, emci can provide a flexible working relationship either as an external consultant, part of your management team or, Advisory Board Member.

The Name 

At one time, and it was quite some time ago, a very rarefied and hypothetical substance called "ether" was believed to exist. It was said to occupy and permeate all space, including the interstices between particles of matter.  The "ether" was presumed to be everywhere, it filled and enveloped everything. Well, fast forward to present day, and it is arguable that "an ether" like substance does exist. 

The ether of today is not gaseous in nature, or rarefied, but it is as ubiquitous. The ether of the here and now is of course the internet or more precisely, our connectedness. Be it, smartphones, iPads, tablets, laptops or whatever, this harmonic interaction allows for business, media, information, and ideas to flow freely over and through us every minute of every day. It shapes how we work, where we work, how we interact, what we do and how we live. ether media & consulting inc. can help you harness your ideas and achieve your goals.