From start-up to pre-IPO and beyond, ether media and consulting can provide a complete and diverse range of business building services and strategies. And once you are up and running, ether media can provide media exposure and even Point of Sale support.

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  • Education
  • E-Commerce
  • Media
  • Finance
  • ​Real Estate
  • Shell Purchases
  • Bulk Stock Sales​
  • Convertible Debentures
  • XBRL Formatting for Audits/Filing
  • ​SEC Filings

Private or Public

When your business is at the correct point in its development cycle, going public can be a viable option. When properly structured and correctly executed, the public option can be very beneficial for company founders and early stage investors.

Knowledge Areas

ether media & consulting can provide advice, assistance and solutions to companies in a variety of Industry Sectors. 

Business Services

ether media & consulting inc. can provide a variety of business development services. 

  • Alternative Energy Technologies
  • Green Technologies
  • Location Based Technologies (LBS)
  • Consumer Goods
  • Retail Grocery
  • Investor Relations
  • S-1 IPO Offering​
  • Listing Requirements
  • Press Release Writing
  • ​Press Release Dissemination
  • Strategic Management & Planning
  • Press Release Writing
  • Press Release Dissemination
  • Web Site Development
  • Corporate Structure/Restructuring
  • Industry/Sector Analysis
  • Project Management/Viability
  • Business Plan Writing
  • Budgeting
  • Financing
  • Patent Development
  • ​Patent Valuation
  • Merchant Payment Processing         (Click for info)
  • Online & Mobile Payment Solutions  (Click for info)