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Forward Thinking

Sensible Solutions

ether media & consulting provides a variety of specialized consulting services to both domestic and foreign companies. In addition to assisting start-ups and SME`s with all aspects of the development, evaluation and licensing of innovative technologies, ether media assists companies to access markets in which they are not domiciled in.

With over twenty-five years of Corporate and Entrepreneurial success, ether media & consulting inc. will keep you ahead of the curve by providing relevant forward thinking solutions suited to get you where you want to go based on how you want to grow your business. 

ether media & consulting provides real world, practical solutions and strategies to grow and diversify your private or public business. Our strategies & solutions are affordable, understandable, implementable and, tangible. Whether it is Financing, Corporate Restructuring or Private - Public Strategies or getting your message out, to your target audience, ether media & consulting can help.

Client Strategies